Thank you for visiting us here at Wisconsin DockDogs!

 We are the Wisconsin Affiliate Club of DockDogs® Worldwide Inc.


There are many  places you may have seen dock diving: ESPN, the Outdoor Channel, or you may have been to an event and witnessed the fun for yourself! There are many reasons to get involved in this incredible sport!

  • It is fun and exciting! We believe there is no better way to spend  time with friends and fellow animal lovers.
  • You get to enjoy time with the whole family doing something everyone loves; especially your fur-babies!
  • Whether you are competitive or “just want to have fun” there is something for every level of competitor.
  • It gives you a chance to meet new people as you compete. Whether you travel across the country or compete in your backyard, you will experience camaraderie and support from like-minded people.

National Events and Regional Club Affiliate Events

DockDogs® offers two types of events.  Our Worldwide Organization hosts events across the country which are referred to as “national events.”  You have the opportunity to earn a ranking and titles for your team (handler + dog) if you compete in any of the four disciplines described below.  Here in Wisconsin, like other Affiliate Clubs across the country, we host events referred to as club events. Separate rankings and titles are offered to dogs that compete in these types of events.  Our club Big Air & Speed Retrieve waves are manually judged by certified DockDogs® judges.  For a complete detailed explanation of all the rules and policies, visit Rules & Policies on the DockDogs® website.

The DockDog team consists of one handler and their dog.  Handlers need to be at least seven years old.  Any dog, of any breed over 6 months old participate.


DockDogs® Worldwide has four exciting disciplines:

Big Air: The long jump for dogs.

Each Dog/Handler Team is measured for distance  by 2 Dock Dogs® Certified Judges (Regional/Club events) who “eye-ball” where the dog’s hind quarter breaks the water’s surface.

  • 1’ – 9’11” Novice Division
  • 10’ – 14’11” Junior Division
  • 15’ – 19”11” Senior Division
  • 20’ – 22”11” Master Division
  • 23’ – 24’11” Elite Division
  • 25’ and up Super Elite Division

Speed Retrieve: “Doggy Drag Race”

A fast paced timed racing game. Dogs run, jump and swim to retrieve a bumper at the end of the pool.

  •  > 8.000 Express
  • 7.000-7.999 Turbo
  • 6.000 – 6.999 Nitro
  • < 5.999 Sonic

Finals for Big Air and Speed Retrieve are held on the last day of the event for each division with Ribbons and prizes. The finals for Extreme Vertical are determined during the EV event.​

Extreme Vertical:  High jump for dogs.

Dogs jump and grab for an extended bumper hanging 8ft out over the water starting at 4’6” high.  The bumper continues to rise 2 inches until there is one clear winner.

Division Jump Height

  • Cadet Up to 5’11”
  • Top Gun 6’0″ to 6’11”
  • High Flyer 7’0″ and above

Iron Dog: For dogs competing in all three of the above disciplines

Teams are scored according to the progressive table points system. Each score in Big Air, Extreme Vertical, and Speed Retrieve corresponds to a point total. As teams compete, they earn points.

  •  Spartan 3000 + points
  • Titan 2800.001 to 2999.999 points
  • Warrior <= 2800 points

We invite you to go to explore our DockDogs® Worldwide Website to find an event near you and gather further information on how to get started!