If you are just getting started, please consider booking a paddle session at The Doggie Paddle.  Whether your dog just wants a fun swim or is preparing for a dock diving competition, head to The Doggie Paddle. The team has over 15 years of experience with dogs of all breeds and will be happy to help get your dog into their regulation sized pool.  The dock length is 40 feet and the pool is 48 feet long.  The facility also features an adjustable dock height – which can adjust from 12 inches off the water, to the standard competition 2 feet off the water.  This provide an excellent opportunity to introduce new dogs gradually who may be a little hesitant of the 2 foot drop!  Wisconsin DockDogs club members will receive a special discount on select paddle packages, and we hope to incorporate club practices and training sessions in the near future!

Additional Training Resources: 

When it comes to training our dogs for the different disciples of Dock Dogs, there is no one more qualified than Tom Dropik. He invented the Dock Dogs sport of Extreme Vertical and Tom and his dog Remi are currently the world record holder in Speed Retrieve. It just so happens that Tom is a long time member of DockDogs Northern Star club, in Minnesota and he is always happy to provide tips and advice to new comers and veterans. We invite you to visit his website at where you will find a wealth of information.